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ways to get ticket on 3fvape!
Hello,All guests on 3Fvape!
Do you have any question or trouble after placed your order? Do you want to contact with our support team to check your order?
Here i'd like to share 3 ways to get a ticket on 3fvape!
1.Logo in your account, click in My Account, then click in my ticket, in the end, you should fill some presonal information to get the ticket.
Picture Explanation
[Image: uHViw9L.png]
[Image: kFKnpKw.png]
2.You may have a look to the bottom of website, click in "My Ticket" blew "My Account".
Picture Explanation
[Image: 9H6vBBO.png]
3.The last but most easy one is enter this link, click "open new ticket ", fill your personal information in the end.
Picture Explanation
[Image: RYYvlyx.png]

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