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just got a couple new toys!
So I finally decided to check out one of the new vape shops in town and im glad I did. I saw this baby sitting in the display case and just had to get one.
[Image: s5zXiW3.jpg]

I put a Trident RDA on top of it, that's a dripping atomizer which I wanted so I could try different juices and to have to constantly clean out a whole tank of juice.

[Image: ykvs8cz.jpg]

I went with a single coil super nano coil and cotton and it hits really nice with a 30pg/70vg 2mg juice.

The Mod is called the Maraxus and this thing is built like a tank. It feels more like a self defense device than an e-cig mod lol.
Very nice! That atomizer looks crazy. Big Grin I didn`t know that there were so many different styles and shapes of mods available. How much did these new ones cost you?
The body (mod) was 54 bucks and the dripper i put on it was 24 bucks but the we you mount the negative leads on your coils is junk so im using an atomic dripper clone that cost me 30 bucks. here is a pic of it with the atomic dripper. I tried something different with my coils, I made two 5 wrap coils using 28 gauge kanthal wire and fed a cotton wick through each with a little extra tucked into the base of the dripper to hold more juice and it hits really hard and brings out a ton of flavor in the same juice that my other coils didn't

[Image: IEMq1pj.jpg]
Very very nice. Amazing what you can do with mods. I`ll definitely have to get into modding as well. Big Grin
Wow that thing looks high tech compared to my Kanger Aerotank.
But I guess it's just a matter of time before i'll get into modding properly.
That's awesome. What are the parts called? Like the battery, the top and where the liquid goes?
rracz89 Wrote:That's awesome. What are the parts called? Like the battery, the top and where the liquid goes?

The top part is called an RDA (Rebuild-able Dripping Atomizer). It the Atomic RDA. You have to rebuild the coils/wicks in these so they aren't for beginners but well worth the effort (which isn't bad once you learn how to do it).

To add the juice, you pull the tip off the top and drop 5-10 drops of juice directly onto the wick and coil. I use cotton wicks which hold the juice well and taste pretty good imo.

The body Is a mechanical mod, called The Maraxus. The batter is inserted into the bottom portion of the mod. Mechanical mods have no electrical components so whatever voltage is left int he battery, is what is being sent directly to the coils. Some prefer these because you can use lower resistance coils and get more vapor/flavor.

Most vape pens are set at one voltage or have a knob or button to adjust the voltage which allows you to change the way the device vapes.

This mod is unscrewed (telescoped) out to hold an AW IMR 18650 size battery so i get really good hits and longer use between charges.
Nice! That looks awesome! Smile

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