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Backed by Big tobacco You're the cure has sent out emails and are posting on social media the "danger" of fruity flavors to their sweet innocent children. Really? Well let's ban all those flavors of vodka and smirnoff to boot. Instead of going after the tech they are going after the juice. They have done these sorts of campaigns before, and they have been very successful.
Say what you will about the malicious intent this organization often has - they do what they are doing today because it works, and they know that from decades of experience.
The copy below is what they send out to their members, and those subscribed to their email list.

"The FDA recently proposed a new rule that would extend regulations to all tobacco products, including cigars, electronic cigarettes, pipe tobacco, hookah tobacco, nicotine gels and dissolvables. The proposed rule contains important requirements: manufacturers would have to disclose ingredient lists for their products and include warning labels on product packages and advertisements- and the sale of these products would be banned to anyone under the age of 18. Additionally, we're asking the FDA to prohibit the use of candy and fruit flavorings in tobacco products that attract children and restrict the marketing of tobacco products to youth. Send a message of support for these important regulations today!" ... rtID=34988
typical I guess, im not shocked to see more and more of these smear campaigns pop up but it is so silly how much money big tobacco will throw at trying to save their dying industry.

What they don't realize is that the boutique e-liquid vendors will just start selling their base with no flavor and the flavoring separate. The FDA can't do anything about this unless they are prepared to ban or put strict regulations on site that sell food flavorings to bakeries and other food related businesses.

Nice find though, it made my morning lol.
That's what i was thinking. All that will happen is 0mg juices with premixed flavors available and directions on how to mix. Not sure how it would affect online business though. I was discussing this with the manager of my local B&M and she said the local police here send someone underage in about four times a week to try and buy. Funny thing is she owns the smoke shop four shops down also and she gets no hassle what so ever. Talk about double standards.
I bet they're doing this just because they got banned from selling flavors themselves. R J Reynolds at least had a *bunch* of flavored cigarettes under the Camel brand. I remember mint chocolate, orange, and one that tasted like Fruit Loops called Izmir Stingers. All banned under the guise of "Think of the children!" The only flavor allowed now is menthol, and IIRC they had to fight for that one too because menthol apparently extends the halflife of nicotine in the body.

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