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When it comes to making wholesale purchase from China, will come to most people’s minds. There’s no doubt that alibaba is one of the largest and most popular wholesale websites. However, more and more businessmen have achieved great success by means of other vertical websites that are even more professional. And is one of those websites.

You are very likely to be familiar with cacuq if you are an ecig wholesaler. Because it is the leading distributor of ecig in China. Over the the past two years, Cacuq has seen an extremely rapid growth. And now, they have also built their own platform that is and they’re doing everything they can to make it the leading wholesale platform of medium to small size.

There’s a belief that can make it happen. An extremely low Minimum Order Quantity and an incredibly low price make a very suitable platform for small sellers with their own shops.

What’s worth mentioning is that I had my doubts if it’s a wholesale website when I paid my first visit to Because the product prices aren’t as low as I thought. In fact, this is a way to protect wholesale customers. If you are a wholesale customer, just contact their customer service team. And they will make your account become a verified account immediately so that you can enjoy real wholesale prices. Such a professional vertical website usually pay much attention to the improvement of customer’s shopping experience. For instance, all products on is free shipping worldwide and their team will choose the fastest delivery service, making the average delivery time 3 to 5 days.

What’s attractive about vertical website is that it uses the thinking pattern of a retail website to run a wholesale website and push it to the limit. And this is what cacuqecig has always been pursuing!

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