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eGo C-Twist
I bought this battery last night and it's amazing. I'm so happy with it! I was really starting to hate my starter battery because it stopped giving much of a hit, the insides were stripped and it wouldn't really charge.

I went to the vape shop and bought the eGo Twist for about $35 and it was well worth it. I like that I can adjust how much vapor I'm getting and I love that it makes a big cloud of "smoke"! I can taste so much better too. I know it's not anything top of the line but I really think it's the next step in better vaping. Eventually I know I'll move on but this is definitely awesome if you are looking for a way better battery than what comes in the starter kits. I highly recommend it.
That's awesome, I always recommend the adjustable batteries to those just starting out because not being a slave to how much juice your batter has left in it is awesome. Granted if you set it at 4 volts you may have to recharge more often but at least you get a consistent and more enjoyable vape.
I like the eGo C-Twist. I've had for 6 months, and I still am currently using it. I get a good amount of vapor, I've noticed the taste on some juices to stand out much more. On one battery charge, I would get about 3-4 hours of vaping. I like it since it's so portable, I can fit it in my pocket and take it anywhere.
I have an eGo-t at the moment and I'm pretty satisfied. The battery lasts me 3 to 4 days. I think it's similar to the C-Twist. The only thing that bothers me is that I can't adjust the volts.
This is hands down my favorite battery. In fact I was still using the small cigalike style of vaporizers until earlier this year a friend just gave me the eGo C-Twist, plus a charger and a clearomizer to go with it.

Wow, what an amazing difference that was! Since then I have tried a few other larger batteries like this, but the Twist seems to have a pretty long life and I love being able to adjust the voltage so easily. It really makes my juices have so much more flavor! I just wish I could find them at a good price, my local stores don't usually carry them and I'm not sure of the best online stores for the eGo Twist....
i've use this site many times and have never had any issues

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