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e-cig as a gift
Has anyone offered an e-cig as a gift? As I said in my intro thread I am trying to make both my dad and brother quit, but I don't know how they would respond to me offering and e-cig to them? Is it wise to do it to someone who is not totally willing to quit smoking?
it really depends on the person, I know I LOVED to smoke and didnt want to give it up but what got me interested was seeing someone with a cool device blowing what look like smoke but more than what I got from a real cig. I had been using the Blu cigs and they were junk but when I saw that guy with a better device I thought "ok now im curious" so I bought one and never looked back.

If I recall you don't actually vape yourself right? My usual suggestion would be to vape around them to see if it peaks their interest but if that's not possible maybe showing them some videos of people vaping might spark an interest, or heck try giving them one and seeing how it goes.

I would just make sure that you get an appropriate juice, for example if your father smokes reds, get a robust tobacco flavor instead of a menthol flavor and if he smokes menthol's see if you can find a tobacco menthol blend like this one in a 50/50 blend with something like 18 or 24mg nic strength to start out with.
I did it for my wife, but not until she made a comment about getting serious about quitting cigarettes. I had always told her that I would never pressure her to quit, which was very difficult to do. When she finally let on that she was ready to quit, I bought here the BLU starter kit. She has since switched to Clearette, because she prefers the taste and throat hit, but is now at 6 weeks without a cigarettes. Best of all, the cravings are starting to mellow out,too.
I think as a gift, I would worry if it felt like too much pressure for them. As the person above me said, the best strategy would probably be trying to vape around them and see how they react. If they seem interested, then it would probably make a good gift. Otherwise you could try talking to them. I know it may ruin the surprise a bit if you have a frank discussion with them about vaping and then a few days later give them a vape, but to be honest, I think it's safer than just giving it out of the blue.
I personally wouldn't give it as a gift. I think this is something that they should totally be willing to do. If they get it as a gift I just think that things wouldn't go well or that they wouldn't like it. I would first talk to them about e-cigs and see if its something they would be willing to try. If it is then I think definitily gift them one. Heck gift me one too while you're at it! :lol:
I think it's always a risk, for example, if the person doesn't want at all to quit, is not worth it at all. On the other hand, if the person is willing to quit or trying, but is having a hard time making it, go for it, offer to him or her as a gift, offer as well different juice flavors to try.
I was actually gifted an e-cigarette by my wife who advised me to knock the habit of smoking.

It actually worked and two years later I am completely over the regular nicotine cigarette. Vaping has been so helpful and it has been able to create an environment where the actual cigarette is no longer a necessity in my life. It doesn't have any health problems like cancer etc.

It was thoughtful of my wife to have gifted it to me.
I think it would be okay to give an e-cig to someone who isn't necessarily planning on quitting smoking. If you explain to them that smoking has many seriously bad side effects and that vaping is very similiar and can be a great tool to stop, that's great. If they're insistent on no qutting, explain to them that vaping is a completely new experience and that it is just another option if they wish to use it.
I have thought about giving them as gifts before but, there are some personal choices involved in choosing your first things to begin with vapor. Now, you can give them gift cards so they decide for themselves. That would be the best idea.
I bought my best friend 2 ecigs last year as a stocking stuffer and she loved them!

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