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Hopefully I've put this in the right area!

There's an e-liquid subscription service called Zamplebox which sends you premium juices every month for WAY less than what it would cost to buy them all separately (before you even add in the shipping.) I've been a member for several months now, and there is NO better service out there, especially if you're fickle. They've also recently added a flavor profile analyzer, so if you don't like tobacco flavored juices, you can specify not to send any.

It's and I really think you all should join if you haven't already!
I've been ordering my juice from a couple sites for a while now and I think I just might have to finally sign up with a juice of the month club to save some cash and try out some new flavors/brands.
This is such an awesome idea! I have heard of lootcrate, makeup boxes, etc. This is definitely something I would want to look into. I could see myself actually using this.

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