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What can I do in terms of rebuilding wicks for my iClear-16s? Instead of buying them all the time, I would assume there is an easier and cheaper way of rebuilding the wicks? Have any of you tried this at all before?
Try on Youtube, there are tons of tutorials for building wicks and modifying coils for use. I am sure you will find something helpful there.
Hi Shawn,

I actually found myself in the same situation with my Kanger Protanks about a year ago. I got tired of paying a couple bucks per coil so I looked up info on rebuilding them and found a video showing how to rebuild them using 30 gauge kanthal wire and organic cotton.

It was a tight fit to work with the little coils but it worked great. It looks like with the iclear 16s, it may be a bit easier and definitely worth a shot.

Be warned though, once you do this you may find that you have the urge to move into re-buildable atomizers Smile so that you have more room to build the coils (rebuildables have a larger deck to work on).

This is just one video I found for iclear clearomizer rebuilds, good luck and have fun with it.

vimeo is another great resource as well.

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