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Why, exactly, do vape stores seem to be everywhere?
I mean really. I went to Cape Coral, FL a few months ago to visit my grandmother. On the way there, and while in Cape Coral, it seemed as if there was at least one vape store in every single outlet mall.

I know vaping is popular, but dang. How is this market not oversaturated at this point? It's truly ridiculous. I think my hometown is now getting 2 MORE vape stores, and it's a town of only 10,000 people. Do we really need this many stores? Just one would be fine, thank you!
I guess that there's a glut of vaping stores nowadays they got very popular, so I agree with you, but maybe just one store would be not enough. A few would be okay.
I think that a big part of it is the cost of the product and the fact that it doesn't take a whole lot to furnish a small retail space to turn it into a "vape shop"

I have a lot of wholesale contacts in China and what they charge for these clones of more expensive mods (which is what most shops sell), and the ego kits, etc is very little.

Throw in a few display cases and a couple couches and bam lol.

One benefit of having more than one shop in your town (mine has 3 and our pop. is like 14k) is that it forces them to compete for business by carrying new and different products and keep their prices competitive. I like to check them all out to see whats new.
Pretty much that, if we have more stores the competition is bigger and the prices come down, great for us consumers. Why are there so many, I guess there's a lot of demand? It's a booming market. Wink
Because it's the hot new thing that is safer than cigarettes. I think even if they make them illegal the shows will still be around everywhere. Kind of like head shops, which used to be the only place you could find vaping supplies and devices.
It is so weird to even see this kind of post. In Australia, it is now illegal to sell e-cigs. The guy I was getting mine from owned a small local store (literally the only one in my city) and he is now facing a string of criminal charges. What a joke.
It is a very fast expanding product that is being sold and stores are popping up everywhere to compete for those sales. More stores mean more competition for sales.

They are popping up everywhere because it is a booming market at the moment and more people are investing in the product whether it is to stop smoking or because they are curious of it is a fast selling item with loads of flavors and blends to choose from.
It does seem a bit strange. I mean, I live in a pretty small town of no more than 12,000 people, and even we have one. And I kinda don't think there's enough vapers here to sustain a specialty store like that. I've only personally encountered 2-3 other vapers besides myself here in town. And I think the only juice they sell is their own personal house blend, which is pretty overpriced (though in fairness I haven't actually tried it to be able to make a quality judgement).
Vaping stores is a very easy business to get into right now because it isn't regulated that well. I think once stricter laws get made, and it will happen, we will start seeing them close down or slowing down. Online business is the way to go, even if they make laws, its a lot harder to regulate on the internet and plus its cheaper to make an internet business.
Mainly it is because juice is very cheap to make if you know how to make it correctly. I understand it is like a few cents per ounce. Also the mark up on the various starter kits, Mods, and clones can make it very profitable. I would rather buy my juice online though and leave my local B&M for buying coils and other materials. I think you will see the market top out by the end of the year and quite a few stores closing if the area is that saturated with Vaping Products. You would really have an outstanding homemade flavor for me to buy to get my dollars Smile

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