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Why did you quit smoking?
I quit it two months ago because of my lung / breathing problems. Now I'm getting better and better everyday, and I feel full of life and joy. I love the feeling of not being addicted to some tobacco.

What about you?
Pretty much the same thing but I also needed to save money, and after seeing all of the health problems my mother has after a couple decades of smoking, I knew it was time to finally quit.

I almost gave up after trying the "cig-alikes" like Blu but then I saw a gamer streaming on puffing on one and he was nice enough to list the parts he used to build his device and I immediately went and bought his exact setup and never looked back.

Now I am on zero nic liquid and just vape for the aroma aspect of it, well that and I love tinkering with my coil builds lol.
Well, streamers always have the best innovations, whether they are gaming ones or not. Nice story, and keep on vaping!
Surprisingly, I didn't quit smoking for health reasons. I hated the smell of cigarettes and I knew that the people around me could smell it on me. I felt like a stinky hot mess majority of the time. I was sick of feeling like crap and having felt like I was going to cough up a lung. I have no regrets giving up my smoking habit.
alexiskilgannon Wrote:I was sick of feeling like crap and having felt like I was going to cough up a lung.

That's one of the best comparisons ever done, I think. Well, I have to agree that your reason it's an odd one, but it's still a good reason to quit. After all, not everyone finds cigarette smoke smell to be a pleasant one.
Honestly, I hadn't been smoking for very long, but I really just couldn't bear the thought of what it was doing to my health. Having seen what it did to members of my family just put me right off it, and not to mention the cost. As a student, I just couldn't afford to keep up with the cost of buying so many cigarettes, so it just made more sense to me to make the switch.
Money was the major factor for me. With both myself and my wife smoking we were spending approximately £3500 per year on Cigarettes. That's about $6000. It actually made me physically sick when I thought about the amount of money I had already spent in the 25 years I have been smoking.

What was even worse was thinking about the next 25 years and spending another :o £85,000 on useless cigarettes. That would be a life changing sum of money if I had it in my hand right now. Crazy
I quit smoking because it was really hurting me financially. As a student in college I'm already in debt so I had to make some changes. I also enjoy playing basketball and smoking was definitely having an impact on my game. Smoking has also affected the people around me which also helped me make the decision to quit smoking. It can be hard to quit smoking but you have to stay mentally tough.
I quit smoking because it was hurting my health, I have allergies and breathing issues and at the time I was even getting an eczema and my doctor told me obviously that one of the causes was the smoking, so I quit, it was hard, but I managed to.
I've never been terribly addicted to smoking, I only smoked socially and during long shifts where I was totally alone, so it wasn't as hard to quit as with some of you.
Ultimately I stopped because I knew how damaging it was to my health and for a time also as a financial cutback, it was just getting to expensive to smoke at that time.

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