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Which genre of music do you prefer?
I'll go for metal. My favorite metal genres are black, death, doom, folk, Celtic, symphonic and a bit of DSB. My favorite band is Pantera, though groove metal isn't one of my favorite genres.

What about you?
I am a music junkie, so I'm pretty versatile when it comes to genres. I find myself appreciating all music genres because I know the hard work it takes to put into writing, etc.

If I had to tell you what genre I listen to the most, I would have to go with alternative rock, or any rock music for that matter. Wink
I'll listen to basically anything but country, but my favorite genres would definitely have to be either alternative rock or rock.
I like all kinds of music but my favorite would be R&B I just love the feel of this music. It always puts me in a good mood. I can listen to this music all day. I fall asleep to it. Get dressed to it. l Listen to it while im driving. R&B is part of my everyday.
I like a wide range of music. When I was younger I listened to metal, punk, rock and alternative, but now apart from that I also listen do dance and pop, so it's a big mix how you can see. I don't like rap or African music though, it's just not my rhythm.
The only thing i can put up with is country music. I can't put up with anything else man. I listen to a lot of old Jackson 5 too, but i couldn't live without country music.
In general I like everything except classic and metal but recently I've become pretty addicted to techno and jam bands. Give me some Bassnectar, Dark Star, or Yonder Mountain any day! I don't discriminate. Everyone should be allowed to love the music they choose. Can't we all just get along?
I mostly listen to rock, thrash metal, heavy metal, metalcore and rap music. Those are my favourite music genres, but apart from those I also like classical music not too often though.
I like all genre's of music I am more concerned with how a song makes me feel and whatever mood I am in .

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