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Which brand is best?
I have seen the blu e-cigs at stores and then there are actual vapor shops, which is the best to buy and that will work?
Honestly while I don't have anything against the cig-a-likes like Blue I felt they were a bit lacking in vapor and flavor production as well as throat hit so I would go to a vapor shop or online and get something like this at a minimum.

There are cheaper kits that have ego twists in them but this is just one that I found at the site i shop at.
Well, here is the answer.

I use them every day. So I have experience with the possible drawbacks, what you need to look out for, and most of all, which e cigarettes are the most satisfying.

This is one of the best in my opinion: VaporZone.

◾Blue Cigs
◾Ever Smoke
◾Joy etech
◾Smoke free
◾Green Smoke
Thank you for your replies. I am doing ok right now, but I am still determined to have some real cigs in the house; just in case. I think it is more of like a security blanket.

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