Poll: Where are you in your vaping journey?
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Haven't started, looking for help with my first purchase.
Currently using a disposable cartridge ecig like the Blu brand
Using a tank/atomizer vape pen like the Vision Spinner
Using full blown variable volt/watt and/or mechanical mods with replaceable coils/cartos
Using full blown variable volt/watt and/or mechanical mods AND rebuilding my own atomizers
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Where are you on your vaping journey?
derailed Wrote:I'm using a tank. Why? It's easy to use, looks simple yet good and is very practical. I love it, and it's one of the best deals I've ever done.

I also really love the tanks. My friend has been trying to convince me otherwise with the cotton, wire, etc. It just sounds like too much of a hassle to me. :/
My vaping has turned into a serious habit. It started out as something to get off the cigs, and now it's a fun hobby of mine. I rebuild coils sometimes, but only if I'm in the mood for it. I'd much rather just fill my vivi nova and screw it on. I still jump around from companies finding flavors that I must have, thinking I will settle, and then something else catches my eye. I'm currently debating the purchase of a DNA30 so that I can rebuild sub-ohm coils and still have the protection that mechs don't have.

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Where are you on your vaping journey?00