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Where and who is your vaping goto store?
I am looking for a good place to buy vaping gear online. I want to get a decent affordable drip setup with the 18650s and I would like magnet button. But finding what is good out there is hard and if someone could point me in the right direction. I would be appreciative.
Hello you can try it from Kinix Ecig. Hope your all the requirement is full fill.
this is what i told my friends to get when they got into drippers and aside from a bit of leaking when you overfill they work great.

and efest purple or sony vtc5 batteries.

im sure you can get magnet switches but with a full copper setup the springs wont cause that big of a voltage drop to even worry about. this mod and atty setup hits very hard

and im glad to see the board is taking off, sorry i didnt reply to your email I had to many projects to work on. Hello to all that helped me get this forum off the ground before the ownership change!
honestly and (if you dont mind waiting) are the absolute best for ordering clones. just read the seller reviews and comments. tobeco is a company out of china that is making clones that are coming out better than the original usa mfg of mods and they are way cheap

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