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Whats your favorite flavor?
Everyone has a favorite flavor, only with e cigs can you experience that flavor when you smoke! I've tried them all and i love vanilla and strawberry. Which ones are your favorite? Do you even like flavor when you smoke?
My all day vape that i blended from juices i got from http://www.mtbakervapor.com/ is made using tobacco, extreme ice (strong menthol), and rum.

It's a very nice combo for those ex-menthol smokers.
I like all the fruity flavors. My favorites though, so far are Cherry and Rose. I thought it was weird to vape something Rose flavored at first, but it`s really good. Big Grin I have yet to try Rum, myself, but I tried Energy Drink flavor and Coke and both were pretty awesome.
I like Red Bull flavour; something about it that goes well with vaping. I also like Cherry Cigar flavour from Totally- Wicked. I've also been down to the new vape emporium opening by me ad tried an awesome mix of raspberry and anise which I will be adding to my stocks.
I never tried mixing flavors before, but its definitely something I would want to try. I will go out and buy myself two bottles of totally different flavors and just mix them together and see what I get. Big Grin
If you get one that doesn't need a lot of steeping, a good coffee flavor is really nice, especially in the morning.
For now it's strawberry, but since I like to mix it up; that opinion is subject to change. :lol:
I think all fruit flavours are nice. I tend to mix a few together to get a nice taste off them. I'd say my favourite is watermelon, strawberry and fruit mix.

I also like to use maple syrup, it's really nice.
Maple syrup sounds really delicious. I don`t know if I can get that here in my city, but I`ll be on the lookout for sure. Thanks for the idea.
I like pretty much anything fruity or sweet, so I'm really big on Strawberry, Raspberry and Vanilla flavored e-cigs. My friend once bought a "bacon" flavored one though, and it was pretty yuck.

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