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What would a good starter pen be?
A complete beginner here. Just wondering what a good pen in the 30 dollar range?
This is the lower mah version of the vision spinner I used to start out.

It is just the battery though, but if you look on ebay you can probably get a whole kit for around your price range.

There are cheaper kits out there but this one is good quality and lets you adjust the battery voltage which means you can control your vapor productions to an extent.
Thanks! I'll look around ebay but has anyone tried e-hookahbrand?
When I started vaping I was told to buy a Joyetech pen. So I purchased the 900 Ego-T system. The whole system in a kit was around $100 for batter, atomizer, charger. I can give you my opinion on this pen... it stinks. Although others may have better luck I didnt find them to be very good. I was constantly having to buy replacement atomizers and the clear plastic juice holders seemed clean and easy to change but wore out easier. My batteries lasted pretty well for about 8-9 months. I ended up purchasing a vision clearomizer instead of the ego-t atomizer system. I love my clearomizers and have to buy new filters for them about every 2 weeks (although this varies on the type/consistency of the juice you buy). It is much cheaper to buy the vision filters vs both the juice cartridge and atomizers with the Joyetech system. A lot of out local stores have never carried or supplied the Joyetech ego-t setup and I understand why now. My batteries I ended up replacing with a Smok brand 1100 battery and have no problems so far with them. and going on 1 year. I have tried the Kanger Tech bottom filter system and they do work well but I found they had condensation buildup in the tube that I didn't like. Out local store swears by them and says most of their customers prefer them. I have heard the newer models of Kanger Tech has no condensation issue but I haven't tried those yet. I hope this helps. It make take some trying various setups to find your personal preference. My best advice is don't focus on the more expensive name brands because they may not be better or worth it in the end. Also keep in mind that if you live in the USA a lot of the systems sold at convenience stores do not interchange with other systems. I learned that the hard way by buying a spare battery during a snow storm and it didn't interchange with my regular stuff.
I would suggest you:
-Lamy Safari
as begginer pens. They are very cheap.

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