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What's your favorite part about vaping?
Well, I guess I like that it's not as expensive as regular smoking is. And you can also try / mix odd flavors. Vaping just gives you so many possibilities! Oh, not to mention that you are able to blow out a lot of smoke and do smoke tricks easier.

What about you?
My favorite part about vaping would have to be that it is less expensive than cigarettes. I have been saving a lot of money since I quit smoking cigarettes and started vaping. Something I really enjoy about vaping is that I don't have to deal with ashes or cigarette butts. With e-cigarettes, you're not burning an open flame and don't have a hot cherry that can burn you, your clothes, your furniture, and so on. Another great thing about e-cigarettes is that they do not have that distinctive odor.
The number one thing for me is money. Smoking prices have increased so much in the last few years and for someone on a tight budget vaping is the best option. I hope they don't start to tax vaping like they do cigarettes.
Apart from being something way healthier than smoking and cheaper too, I think that the fact that can be done indoors without disturbing other people is a huge advantage.
I like all of the benefits it has compared to cigarettes. I also like how you can combine flavors and get a flavor that is really unique. I am always trying to find a great new mix and sharing it with friends. It's fun Tongue
My favorite thing about vaping is being able to do it pretty much anywhere in public that I choose to. So long as it is not banned from the establishment that I am at. It is just like it was in timea gone by when our government was not so concerned with second hand smoke or its health risks. That was the part I missed the most and, now I can take part in it again. It makes me so happy to know I can eat a great meal and, then smoke my e-cigg right there at the table.
My favorite thing about vaping is that I can smoke in my house and not have to worry about the entire house smelling like an ash tray. Plus if you were trying to keep the fact that you smoke away from someone you could easily puff on it all day long and they wouldn't really be able to tell that you were smoking anything.

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