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What's This mod name?Smok Transformer 400W Box Mod?
The Smok Transformer 400w regulated box mod has been circulating instagram lately, but no official announcement has been made from Smok Technology Co. Ltd as of the moment.
[Image: 2U7NleI.png] 
The Smok Transformer 400w looks exactly like what it’s name suggests; a transformer. Seriously, it looks so robotic and sexy at the same time. Circulating photos online include a curved edge and the other one is a much more familiar, rectangular design.

[Image: pb0DFnR.jpg] 

It looks like the SMOK T-Priv 220W, but this one is bigger powerful, up to 400W. Actually, I think the SMOK GX350 is enough, but here comes the 400W. It's unbelievable. However, I try to find out the name of this mod, but there is nothing, has anyone know this name.

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