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What made you swap them?
It took me 2 years to realize that smoking regular cigs was bad and unhealthy. People were staying away from me because they didn't like that cigar smoke.
For me it was money issues as well as that feeling of being dependent on something. Every day I had to assure I had the money to buy my packs of smokes and it would destroy my day if I could not afford them. Once I switched over to vaping, I felt much more relaxed knowing that my 30 ml bottle would last me for a week or two.
Cost was a big motivation for me, too. I hated giving up something that I enjoyed, but the price was getting ridiculous while my mean streak hated giving in to the pressure. E-cigs were the perfect alternative.
A friend of mine bought an e-cig and I tried it. I was instantly hooked by the fact that it tastes so much better than analogs and that I could vape inside without bad conscience.
im kind of a self proclaimed computer geek (even though you wouldn't guess it by looking at me lol) and I love tinkering with technology so when I saw my first ecig I was drawn to it. The ecig-alikes were junk but these vape pens and advanced mods really interested me.

In the beginning I switched purely for my kids but thankfully I found an alternative that appealed to the tech geek in me and let me tinker lol.

I get the urge to smoke sometimes and I do light up but after I choke on a puff or two I immediately reach for my vape and realize that tobacco is just not where the future of smoking lies.
Money is pretty motivational as well. If you know that you are wasting a fortune on those regular cigars, you should most likely quit.
I stopped smoking when I realized how bad I felt. The problem is that I love the actual act of smoking. Last year I was diagnosed as diabetic and I've always had thyroid problems. The diabetes diagnosis made me realize that it was time to get my health back on track. I didn't want to die from heart disease when I'm 50. Putting down cigarettes was such a great idea and I don't miss it. I feel better than I have in a long time and I love knowing that I'm much healthier than I was a year ago. It's nice that I've saved so much money too, lol.
I know how you felt, bro. After a winter, when you go outside for a run, you realize your breath is starting to go shorter and shorter until you can't run anymore.
I've started coughing blood and my lungs hurt. The doctor said I should definetly quit, but I do need some time, so I realised that vapers would help me very much with this. My friend has borrowed me his vaper, and I'm not coughing that often anymore. Way to go!
Wow, coughing blood?! Unfortunately, this is a serious sign of lung damage and you should quit smoking completely.

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