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What kind of battery do you use? Do you like it?
I use an MVP 2 and really like it because it just has so much power and the adjustable power settings make it super easy to get the right temperature vape. I'm asking because most people always talk about their favorite juices and tanks, but I am curious to see what kind of variety there is out there is out there with batteries.
I typically use mechanical mods where you insert a separate battery but when I drive I use an Innokin Itaste SVD with a kayfun 3.1 clone tank system. I have heard good things about that MVP 2 though, nice piece of gear. The iTaste has really served me well with my various tanks that have coils in the 1.5-2 ohm resistance range, I just can't use it with my drippers because I build sub-ohm coils in them and the SVD won't fire that low.

this is the mech mod i use mainly with the green sony vtc 4/5 batteries
[Image: U7XsriQl.jpg]

[Image: xcz1EBgl.jpg]

And here are some of my devices that are variable volt/watts the iTaste SVD is on the left with a cheap tank.

[Image: 3Km6prQl.jpg]
I just have the eGo K Etched maze battery. Its only a 650 but for three months it's only needed a daily charge for over 24 hrs of use. For 11 bucks it was awesome.
I started vaping in January and have not had a cigarette since. I did some research before purchasing Vision Vapors Nunchaku from ave40.
[Image: Nunchaku-2-106x106.jpg]
I am currently using the Samsung 25R for the iStick Pico TC75W that I just bought from vaporsolo.

actually, it depends on your request, mechanical mod and electronic mod are different, mechanical mod could not adjust the voltage, if you're a fresh user, do not suggest use mechanical mod.
Why are mechanical mods not recommended for new users, Jvsurf? Are they too complicated or something?

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What kind of battery do you use? Do you like it?00