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What is your favorite smoke trick?
We all love to make smoke rings and show off our smoke tricks to friends, what is your all time favorite smoke trick? :ugeek:
I've only been able to pull it off once but this one is my favorite

[quote="cerebral79"]I've only been able to pull it off once but this one is my favorite

Whoa that's really awesome!! I want to try that. I've never seen that trick before. :lol:
The french inhale, ahaha.
Aprax Wrote:The french inhale, ahaha.

Haha very nice. I like that one too.
As a beginner, I just want to learn smoke rings first. Hopefully after that, learning new tricks will be a little easier! I want to be able to do things like the smoke tornado and sucking in the rings to make more rings too!
cerebral79 Wrote:I've only been able to pull it off once but this one is my favorite

This is a very impressing and beautiful trick. This is one of my favorites, among pouring smoke in a glass like water.

This. Is. Awesome. :lol:
I finally learned how to french inhale recently, and I love doing it now!
I love french inhaling to show off to my friends. None of them have figured out how to do it yet, so it's fun to do it around them. Other than that, I would love to be able to blow smoke rings. I know it shouldn't be too hard to start with, but I really just cannot get the hang of it!

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