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What is your favorite TV show?
I personally have several that I watch, but my all time favorite ones are Modern Family and Big Bang Theory. Those two sitcoms are what I refuse to miss and you know you are devoted when you watch them even if they are all re-runs! lol
I am so ready for September because that is when all the new ones comes out on the networks.
I love Big Bang Theory also, but really loving Orphan Black, Penny Dreadful, and Crossbones.
Orphan Black will grab you from the first episode, either you are hooked or not. Penny Dreadful takes at least three episodes to get into, although they had me hooked with the premise from the start. Crossbones, oh my i love this one, has John Malkovich as Blackbeard and that man can chew some scenery. I'm really waiting on Black List to return, loving James Spader as the manipulative Red.
Its hard to choose but i love the duck dynasty show. If i had to choose one and give up everything else i would pick them. Big smo is cool too. Anything with funny rednecks or people working is good.
Whenever I am at home I have TV turned on, so I watch much of TV shows that are on, but don't really care about focusing on them.
Another favorite television show of mine is Bobs Burgers, ooooohh it's so hilarious. I'm watching it right now and I cannot stop watching.
I just started watching American Horror Story and I can't stop watching it. I am pretty much addicted.

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