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What is your favorite Madea movie?
If you are a fan of Madea, what would you say your favorite one is?
Mine is Madea goes to jail. lol
I like madeas big happy family. Byrooooonnnnnnnn lol it cracks me up everytime. I really like all the madea movies.They all offer something each time.
I don't know but i prefer the old ones that were like plays. The new ones he's doing are kinda corny and worn out.
I dont like the plays as much because of the singing that is in them. I mean dont get me wrong the singers have amazing voices. I think it is a great way to discover new artist.
I like almost all of them. The third was pretty slow in my opinion but still enjoyable. It'll be interesting to see how many years that type of movie will stay passable as popular comedy. I don't know how many more they can make without running the main premise into the ground. We'll see.
I feel like a total noob right now asking this, but what is that whole Madea movie? :lol:
I love the Tyler Perry live plays they are much more hilarious than any of the other movies that I have watched. If you haven't watched them I recommend them as a watch definitely. As a fan of Madea you will find them extremely entertaining!

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