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What is inside our e-cig?
The e-cig is something that benefits our health and it's not so expensive, but it's at the same time an advanced piece of technology, that didn't exist a couple of decades ago, at least in such an advanced way. Do you think it will remain like this or will progress in another direction? Is this the optimal e-cig?

[Image: inside-electronic-cigarette.jpg]
Pretty cool picture Gelsemium, I guess that when we are holding an electronic cigarette we don't often think if the technology inside of it. I love the led light detail to make it look similar to a regular cigarette, that fools the brain as well! Smile
Really interesting picture, the technology inside is complex but at the same time very simple, everything makes a lot of sense.
I love the detail of the LED as well, it doesn't take up much space and it's a nice visual effect.

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