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What do you think of those Mini Kit?
The first and most impressed Mini Kit, absolutely from Vaporesso Target Mini Kit, then Artery Gold Rush Kit in Zinc, SMOKJOY Air 50 Kit, Artery Gold Rush Kit in Zinc and final Vaporesso Target Mini. So curious about what you guys love the most.

I like Vaporesso Target Mini more. It is in small size but smarter than others. The feeling of taking it on my hand is great. It is heavy but I like this because of Concordances. Which one you like best?

Vaporesso Target Mini
[Image: f76eb193673518420544097a16736a43.jpg]

Artery Gold Rush Kit in Zinc
[Image: 0a71949026c6f55ead50e387ec051e60.jpg]

SMOKJOY Air 50 Kit
[Image: 8292110fe84b3750452ee1a6a8ecbc58.jpg]

If you are interested in those kits and want to know more, welcome to drop us an email to Vaporesso Target Mini in stock now, coupon code target5 for 5% OFF, only for wholesale account.

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What do you think of those Mini Kit?00