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What concentration is your e-liquid?
I`m currently vaping rose flavored 24mg e-juice made by Hangsen. I get a good throat hit, very similar to real cigs. I know 24mg is a bit high, but while I smoked, I also smoked high nicotine cigs like Lucky Strike or Marlboro Red`s. I plan on gradually reducing nicotine concentrations in the years to come.
This sounds strange but i have no idea lol. I actually started out with a big bottle of 12 mg 50/50 blend that was a mix of menthol, tobacco, and coffee. Then awhile later i moved what was left of that juice to a large glass bottle and added another big bottle of zero nic juice which diluted the nic % down. I have done this a couple times so I would imagine that im at almost zero now but i still love vaping.

I buy all of my juice from
That would be my long term goal as well. Getting to 0 nicotine concentration and just vaping because I like it. I will have to implement a plan to gradually reduce my nicotine levels until I don`t need it at all.
I went through about 2-3 246ml bottles (the big ones) before I took a clean 40oz beer bottle (it holds about two of the big ejuice bottles worth of liquid) and mixed equal parts zero nic and 12mg nic.

Then when the bottle was half empty, I filled it to the top with more zero nic, and repeated this a few times. I should be at just about zero now if i remember my refills correctly.

I may have to up the PG in my juice blends to get some of that throat hit back though.
I`m sorry to sound like a total newbie, but what is PG exactly? I saw those two letters on my stock juice bottles and could never figure out what it means. Big Grin
I started on 18 mg when I was using tobacco flavour juices but as I've got into more fruity tastes, I've dropped down to 11 mg. I'm trying to drop down to 7 mg by the end the year.
My concentration is usually 50/50 or 65/35 PG/VG. I feel like that's the sweet spot for my vapor.
I usually go with either 6 or 12 mg of nicotine.
When I started out vaping I was at 24mg though, but soon realized that I had no need for sunch an amount of nicotine
I found that I cannot really stand PG in liquid at all. I found out recently what PG and VG stand for (I`m new to this Tongue ) and while vaping PG mixed liquid I always had to cough badly. I since then returned to my usual VG only liquid and I`m fine now.
I don't know. How do I check it? Is it a percentage?
Lithium Wrote:I don't know. How do I check it? Is it a percentage?

As far as i'm aware, the only way to know is by checking the label on the juice bottle. It should list the pg and or vg percentages as well as the milligrams of nicotine in it.

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