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What are your favorite eJuice flavors?
There are a wide variety of eJuice flavors available. My favorite is apple pie. I have only tried 2-3 flavors, hence, I prefer apple pie than the rest. I do not have many preferences as I am just a beginner and have not tried out most of the choices available out there. Hence, I would like to know which flavors do you like?
Usually my favorite juice is a blend of extreme ice and Jamaican rum from
but the other day with my order I got a free sample of Jungle Juice. I really like this flavor, they describe it as the following....

Quote:A tantalizing mix of fruits with a cool mint finish, Jungle Juice e-juice is a delectably complex and refreshing vape.

Check it out here and read a few of the reviews
Tigers Blend is my favorite at the moment. It has a smooth fruit taste to it. I am trying to explore other flavors besides menthol which is what I have been doing lately from V2Cigs.
I like those of tobacco. I am really loving the earth bounty AM Red flavor a very smooth flavor.
hi jackie from eavisun china.

my favoriate is rose flavor Wink

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What are your favorite eJuice flavors?00