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What are you going to do with the vaper?
Well, vapers are for smokers who want to quit, so I guess that after finally earning that achievement, some of you will also quit vaping. I personally won't do this, as it's very nice and relaxing, you can also do it inside, the smoke if very pleasant and let's not forget to mention the cool tricks you can do with it!

What about you?
I will probably continue to vape. It's just like drinking; people do it for pleasure pretty much. I love doing tricks also sooo... yeah Smile
I'll probably stick with vaping.

I think it's funny when people, realizing I have stopped using cigarettes, will ask when I"ll give up vaping. When I tell them I enjoy it, they fall right into those same disapproving attitudes they had about smoking, with their main argument being that I am still using nicotine.

I assume they simply disapprove of addictive substances, but where's the harm of an addiction if that addiction really harms no one?

I really don't get it.
I will continue myself. If I want that heavy fix, I usually just use chewing tobacco. I gave up smoking for my lungs though and I have done that. I don't think I could ever give up anything all together, but I supposed one day perhaps I will quit everything. Probably save a lot of money.

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