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What Makes Mag Draw So Much Attention?
Alert! Here comes the most ergonomically designed handheld mod made to date!

Since SMOK announced Mag Kit will soon come to the public's eyes, which arouse so many vapors attention, while what makes it so popular, today i'll briefly say something of it.

1. The big success of SMOK previous products this year, making people expect more on the SMOK new products.

As we all know, the devices that SMOK launched this year are almost hot, like procolort-privstick x8TFV12 Prince ( which is match with Mag kit ) so on and so many. What a new products launching speed![Image: clear.png]

2. It's Unique Appearance - GUN of RAMBO

So dope! The gun-inspired design! In my opinion, more than unique, it's also user-friendly and considered about the angle of our palm, plus the multi-colors for us to choose like SMOK always do, in the nowaday fiercely competitive vaping market, rarely have such a device compare to this one.

3. Combine with the newest TFV12 Prince - Fast and Furious

As SMOK itself said, Mag has large HD color screen that displays specific data. And it uses the new revolutionary TFV12 Prince tank, which has an unprecedented super large capacity--8ml.With all new and powerful vaping cores this Prince ensures you will have a great experience. We have also incorporated a patented tank locking mechanism that ensures a perfect seal.

The last thing i want to mention, why it called Mag? just to cater its tank Prince? :teehee:

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