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VaporX E-Liquid
So I was at my local gas station buying a a nice cold beer and saw that they were sellling e-juice. The brand was VaporX and it was really "Pre Packaged" if ya know what I mean. I picked up a 10ml bottle of cafe latte, sweet strawberry and vanilla dream.

OMG these mass produced juices are garbage.... I guess I should have steeped them for a few days but initially they tasted like perfume.

All in all i can try a few different flavors but I highly recommend buying juices from a boutique firm that doesn't mass produce their juices.
Never tried or seen VaporX juice before. The brand that I vape is Hangsen, some kind of Chinese producer, and although some of their liquid really smells and tastes very synthetic and reminds you of perfume, I got used to them after a while. There are only a handful of brands in my country, so until I learn how to brew my own juice, I have no choice. Big Grin
actually to be fair, I didn't steep the juices, that will probably help a lot.

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