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Vapor: Good or Bad
How fo you really feel about vaporing and the world around it?
I don't really see a point in this question because I think that we all know the consequences of smoking and vaping. It's not good at all!
Well, the point of it is to find out peoples opinions on the topic. Plain and simple. Not everyone may see it as a bad thing. Actually, most people on this forum are probably going to view it as a good thing. But, I wanted to know if there were others who did not see it as good thing.

It has been a great thing in my life. Because, I am no longer smoking cigarettes and , the health risks are far less serious with vapor than tobacco smoke. Which puts my mind at ease. As I am sure it does with many other people.
These things are a very positive thing. I would imagine they'll save some people's life. I don't understand anything negative being said about them other than the cig companies wanting you to keep smoking the real/deadly ones so they can make money.

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