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Vaping products distribution
I've been noticing that vaping products are literally everywhere, so I don't think anyone has trouble finding them. Is this happening where you live too? Or do you need to go a long way to buy the stuff you need?
I think you are pretty much right Peninha, I've been seeing Vaping stores and products a little all over, so I imagine this is not going to stop I mean, more stores will appear and vaping products will be everywhere.
Heh, in my country we don't actually have access to e-cigs because they're not really allowed by the law to be sold to the public, but they're not prohibited to be either. The government is kind of neutral about it, so that's why we sell it at a lower scale and don't risk to make a potential business out of it because it might just be closed as soon as it would've been opened, I guess.
I seem to find them more and more places lately. When I bought my first kit about 3 years ago, I knew only of one small store and I pretty much bought everything online. Then I started noticing more smoke shops advertising that they had ecig supplies, then I started seeing it in the liquor stores. A couple weeks ago, I saw them selling e-liquid at the gas station convenience store!

Now there are a bunch of new vape shops opening up all over town. It's so handy that there are so many more places to shop, but I wonder how all these new stores opening at the same time will do. I wish them luck!
I've seen them in convenience stores too and even though that's really convenient lol, it's more expensive too. Regular stores sell them cheaper and if you join a vaping groups you'll know the best ones.

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