Poll: Do you feel that vaping is accepted socially in your country?
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Vaping in a society
Do you think it is accepted socially? Check out the poll I posted below.
Actually the poll is above. Tongue

I think vaping is accepted, why shouldn't it be? It might be something unusual to a significant amount of people, but once they realize what it is there is nothing not accept really.
I think vaping is accepted, it might still be considered a bit odd by some people, but it's definitely accepted.
I think if smoking is acceptable then there's no reason for vaping to not be.
Vaping is becoming more accepted but I see the way people look at me when I vape. I hate the negative connotations that people associate with people who vape/smoke. It's mainly the 40+ generations that are not so open to vaping I've found (atleast for where I am from). Since I am still fairly young I feel like people automatically assume I am up to no good. Oh well. I guess I just look like a BAMF B) Can't argue with that Tongue

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