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Vaping and studying
When I was a student I was a cigarette smoker and I could not pass without it while studying. If you're still a student or just if you have some stressful job, does vaping help you to relax or is it something you do separately?
Actually I used to smoke a lot when I was studying, studying made me nervous in a way I guess, so I needed to take breaks every once in a while and the cigarette was the perfect companion, so together, but separate at the same time I guess.
Actually I still had those old monitors and when I was working on the computer I had an astray under it so the white monitor turned yellow... :roll: If I was vaping back than this would not have happened and my lungs would have thanked me.
That is really a good example for us to see what we are inhaling when we smoke regular cigarettes and how we can improve our lives by switching to vaping.
I never smoked when I was studying, but I guess that a lot of people smoke to relax because their nervous.
Keeps a 10 minute break from becoming a 30 min - 1 hr adventure.. I was ADD as all hell in college, wish we had e-cigs back then. Would have been great for staying on task as I could have simply stayed in doors.

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