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Vaping and Children
Do you vape around/in front of your kids? One of the reasons I started vaping was that I didn't want to smoke cigarettes in the house, and it was freaking COLD outside this winter. And even outside I don't like to smoke cigarettes near my son - not least because I've caught him picking up my butts and pretending to smoke them. Confusedhock:

I've used my vaporizer in front of him before and he's very intrigued by the "smoke", but I obviously haven't let him try. In fact, I've stopped using it in front of him because I don't want him grabbing it at some point. I'd be uncomfortable with the idea of him vaping even as a teen or young adult. Which begs the question, though, that if I think vaping is so much safer than cigarettes why am I so afraid he might do it someday? I don't have a problem with the idea of him drinking at the same age, and nicotine in the form of vaping is sure safer than that!

So do you let your children see you vape? Would you let them try it when they reach an appropriate age?
If you have kids and you vape, there is no way you can do it hiding from them, or better said, it makes no sense that we hide from our kids what we do. Why would we do it, we are doing nothing wrong and that would be causing the wrong impression to them.
I think you're afraid because vaping is seen to most as a substitution for smoking. The idea of your son smoking and partaking in dangerous activities as such should naturally worry you as a parent! Glad you made the decision to not do it in front of your son!
I don't have kids myself, but I think it makes sense that you wouldn't want your son trying vaping. As has been said already, because it is seen as a substitute to smoking, it would always be a worry that your son might take up this habit. I think the best thing to do is to make sure your son knows the differences between the two, once he's old enough to, and knows that one is much better than the other. It would be terribly hard to hide it, so at least make sure he learns the right lessons.
No kids here, but I probably would try to avoid smoking around them, but if I happened to get caught I guess I would just tell them that I had to take my medicine. But I really wouldn't have a problem hiding it from them, I got away cleanly from smoking Cigs without my mother or father ever knowing I smoked and that was for nine years, I think I can hide it from kids.
I don;t have kids and there are low chances that I will have them in the future, but I only smoke outside of the house.
There is no problem in vaping while with children, just be careful, they might use it when you're not watching. :lol:
Vaping is surely not going to have an effect on your kids. That's the whole point of them. I know people who actually get them for their teens to smoke so they wont smoke the other ones.
I have a five year old daughter and to be quite honest she LOVES me for vaping rather than smoking Big Grin . In fact she used to complain when I smoked in the house especially during the day in my office she never wanted to come in there with all my cigarette smoke. She would cough and sputter and complain. But, since I been vaping she doesn't mind it at all. She no longer coughs inside and she frequently tells her daddy he needs to start using a mommy cigarette so she doesn't "choke" anymore. My daughter is curious about it so I make sure to keep my e-juice in a locked cabinet so she doesn't get a hold of it and get nicotine poison from being curious.
i would never smoke a real cigerate infront of my kids nor allow them to vape with me. i would be quite concerned if my kids were pretending to smoke my cigeratte butts tho.

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