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Vaping Obsessions
I'm not the vaper, my husband is. His boss gave him his first vaping pen and I'm not too keen on the terms and titles of specific types, but the first pen he got was one of the more simpler ones (smaller than ballpoint pen in length). Then, being a man, I guess, he had to have bigger and better and within the first week, he'd purchased the next size up (just the longer version of the original). He also purchased about 12 different flavors and switched them out constantly. I almost began to wish he'd just go back to smoking cigarettes because he was always up and down, switching out flavors or coils or just taking it apart and wondering aloud about things! Then, 2 weeks into vaping, he goes and buys the lightsaber version (I think that one's awesome), next comes more coils and other parts and accessories. I mean, my husband became obsessed. He puffed on it constantly, too. Keep in mind, I'm not a smoker or a vaper, so maybe I just don't understand fully. I joined this site because I was so happy my husband decided to quit and that vaping was his route to better health, but now I'm curious... Have any of you become as - for lack of a better term - obsessed with it, almost like it's a hobby instead of a habit-breaker? (Thanks in advance for your stories or comparisons.)
Well vaping is really addictive without any doubt. So did he finally quit it??
I actually see it as a positive thing because he was investing so much time and money into it because he was really into quit smoking, he get entertained by it. The question is good though, did he quit? Smile
I'm the same way as I feel many are. Most exsmokers that got into vaping and took it into the hobby realm are usually those that are into tech, like to tinker, and learn everything they can about it through experimentation/reading/watching videos. It's just how many of us are, not all, but a good portion of the scene.
I think that these days we obsess pretty much about anything, so as long as it's something that it's not unhealthy or is causing any harm or too many expenses, I'd prefer to call it a hobby, I think that vaping suits well in this category.
For some people Vaping is a hobby. It's quite normal since there are many things to try and to mess with. You can pull of so many different experiences with many devices. There is nothing wrong from being obsessed with vaping. It's normal. (I can say this because I'm not obsessed, because I can't afford much)
I think it's good to have interests and if we are a little obsessed, what's wrong with that? Nothing like meeting at the end of the day at the coffee shop with our vaping gear and spend a good time.
That's a great thing about vaping, it's very flexible and adaptable to the needs of different people, making it very accessible to lots of people.
For some it's just a hobby, for others it's a coping mechanism for the smoking addiction.
Yep, I agree, but above all I think that the word that needs to be spread out there is that vaping is healthier and it's cheaper than cigarettes, that's what the world needs to know. Wink
I can understand that. Nicotine addiction is a tricky vice, and the switch from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes can be jarring and require some experimentation. Now, at the same time, your husband sounds a little extreme about it, but I wouldn't be worried. He's probably just excited about this new method of intake, and I imagine that it's just a phase that he'll soon grow out of.

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