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Vapin Plus E-Juice
My local supermarket started selling this stuff, and I figured I'd give it a try in hopes that it'd be good, since it was much more convenient to go there than to the smoke shop further out from my house.

Oh boy...please, never buy this stuff. I tried both vanilla and cherry, and they were both absolutely awful. Though I don't know what I expected for $8 per 15ml bottle. The vanilla had no throat hit at all and gummed up my atomizer something fierce, and the cherry had such a harsh throat hit it felt like I was inhaling shards of glass. Oh, and neither one of them produces much vapor at all. They don't say what their PG/VG ratio is, but I have to assume it's mostly VG.

Seriously, avoid this stuff at all costs. It's just awful.
I would never try those cheap mass produced juices. I have heard too many stories of how harsh the taste is and how it can muck up your lungs and vape. I see many gas stations that carry some form of juice or flavor but I really will stick with the brands I know and love.
Yup, on occasion I buy a bottle from the gas station because I ran out of my morning nicotine juice and every time I wish I would have just ran to the vape shop or waitind for some to come in the mail lol.

I think these juices have way too much nicotine in them for me and are mostly PG because they are very harsh on the throat hit.
[Image: 3nYhZPKl.jpg]

LOL I guess you are right about this juice, I was just at my local gas station and picked up a bottle of the vanilla and wow it's not good at all.

I actually noticed the opposite of you and experienced a harsh throat hit but that is probably because im almost off nicotine completely and it causes throat hit. I mixed it in with a bigger bottle of my nicotine free juice to use as my morning vape with my coffee (nicotine is a stimulant so I like the pep i get from it in the morning).

I don't know if this is a Midwest thing or if it's sold across the country but if it is national and you are outside the Midwest and see it, don't waste your time lol.

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