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VEEX Vitabon Pre-Filled Pod & ZXLE Pod Kit
VEEX Vitabon Pre-Filled Pod System Kit
VEEX Vitabon Pre-filled Pod Kit is mini sized, easy to carry and very close to traditional cigarette taste. VEEX Vitabon Pre-filled Pod Kit is harmless to others and the environment with no danger of second-hand smoking. No ignition and fire required and does not emit any smell. VEEX Vitabon Pre-filled Pod Kit uses vacuum packing to keep the cigarette clean and healthy. Vacuum packaging prevents the liquid from evaporating and the airflow working automatically. It helps to keep the original taste and giving you a better experience.
[Image: Vitabon-Kit-11.jpg]

ZXLE Pod Kit 420mAh 2ml with 1 Pre-Filled pod
Zxle CB-X1 Pre-filled Pod System Kit design featuring 420mAh built-in battery and 2ml liquid capacity. The battery only needs about 50 minutes for a full charge.
[Image: zelx-pod-system-kit-1.jpg]

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