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Ulton Fev V5 RTA tank - Dual AFC and single AFC control
Hello everyone.
Want to try some tank atomizers?
We have launched the Ulton Fev V5 RTA tank today.

Original Ulton Fev V5 RTA Rebuildbale Tank Atomizer $21.99
The Ulton Fev V5 RTA is a 25mm tank with 7~8ml juice capacity. The deck comes with dual psot design. The tank features dual AFC (DL) and single AFC (MTL) control, which is exchanged by a solid screw. The kit has 3 pairs of AFC screws for various airflow configurations.
[Image: authentic-ulton-fev-v5-rta-rebuildbale-t...ameter.jpg]
[Image: authentic-ulton-fev-v5-rta-rebuildbale-t...ameter.jpg][Image: authentic-ulton-fev-v5-rta-rebuildbale-t...ameter.jpg]

Head to 3FVAPE to purchase>>>
Hello everyone.
Have you ever worried about that you not know enough about the product?
Don't worry,this time we present to you the Authentic Ulton Fev V5 RTA unboxing video.

Is this video done some help to you?
Check the product page at 3FVAPE to find more:

Ulton Fev V5 RTA - Silver
Hello everyone.
Good day! Smile

The Ulton Fev V5 RTA tank is in stock now.

Let's check the Real Scene Photo:

[Image: aFMcjEc.jpg]

More information about Ulton Fev V5 RTA tank and you can check it here:
Diameter: 25mm;
Capacity: 7~8ml;
316 stainless steel construction;
Dual post build deck;
MTL and DL available;
Dual AFC and single AFC control;
3 pairs of AFC screws and 1 solid AFC screw included for airflow control;
Inner diameter: 1.2, 1.4, 2.1mm;
510 threading connection

Click here and buy it at 3FVape>>>

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