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Two Best Friends Play - The Last of Us (Part 1)

I have yet to play this game and have been determining if I want to look into purchasing it. All of the Let's Play videos have convinced me to look int it, but I am still undecided. xD
Ah man, I love Two Best Friends Play! Good to see another fan on this forum!

Also, this game is really amazing. Some of the best graphics on the PS3 that I've ever seen. They really pushed the PS3 to its absolute maximum with this one.
OK, glad you guys made your posts because I am not a gamer and I was somewhat lost here, except the loading parts the game looks really good though.
I have not played this game but i plan on it. I have been hearing so many positive reviews on it. I also check out other people's game play when i can. It looks so interesting and fun, cant wait until i experience it.
Very cool. I'll definitely keep watching if you keep posting. I wish we would've recorded when my brother and I did our playthrough. We had some great moments. Sometimes i get tired of watching the same games being played over and over but The Last of Us isn't on that short list. Cool video.

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