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The easiest way to stop smoking
I'm relatively new to vaping but after trying every method possible to stop smoking I'm
amazed at how easy it has been with electronic cigarettes.

I didn't have much success with the smaller cigarette type E-cigs so I was
doubtful when a friend recommended I should try the Ego kit. The Ego kit has
definitely been worth every penny and unlike the cigarette type E-cigs is saving
me money. The liquid is definitely a lot cheaper than buying packets of cartridges
then finding out some of them don't work or die after 20 minutes.

I actually intended using the Ego kit to try and cut down but so far I've only given
in and had the odd cigarette when I've had a few drinks. I think I've had 5 cigarettes
in 2 months which has to be a huge improvement after smoking a 20 pack every

At the moment I'm loving trying different juices and the fact I can adjust the nicotine
level to suit my needs. I find I need a higher level nicotine juice in the morning or while I'm
at work and don't get much chance to vape. In the evenings I switch to a lower nicotine
so I can enjoy vaping without overdosing on nicotine.

I only have 2 Ego batteries and a few Vivi Nova tanks at the moment but I'm thinking
of upgrading to a variable voltage set up. I've been looking at the Ego type variable
voltage batteries but I'm also wondering if I should go for something like a Vamo or

Has anyone any recommendations on what I should try for my next set up?
You pretty much described my experience with ecigs, right down to the little cig a like thing lol.

Those worked for me for awhile but I needed more. I saw a guy using a Vision Spinner with a clearomizer tank and decided to try it out. It was night and day compared to the little ecigs.

[Image: gbFbKDs.jpg]

After awhile i saw someone on vaping while streaming a game and asked in chat what device he was using, It was a Vamo with a Vivi Nova Tank. I ordered my Vamo 3 and Kanger Protank as well as a charger and a couple 18650 batteries and never looked back lol.

[Image: Ec9qBzr.jpg]

Although my Vamo 3 has finally given out after almost a year of use by both myself and later my son as a hand me down, it was well worth the $50.

I like the advanced devices mainly because you can remove the batteries, and all the features that come with a higher end variable device.

If you have a decent sized vape budget this is a really nice one but its a little steep for me right now

but the Vamo's are a very nice affordable option when moving from the eGo style devices, I have never owned a lava tube so i'm not sure about that one.

Some of my other variable devices and mechanical mods.

[Image: 88Aockll.jpg][Image: SJkCJe1l.jpg][Image: SJkCJe1l.jpg][Image: IEMq1pjl.jpg][Image: 3Km6prQl.jpg][Image: PlXv9vrl.jpg]

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