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The best starter kit!
I like They have greats service and a huge range of great products to choose from. My starter awhile back was when Innokin introduced the new iClear and I haven't felt the need to replace it since. I highly recommend the eGo k etched batteries too. They last for a good while even with daily vaping.
Yeah I like that info-electronic-cigarette site - they do a good job of reviewing different e cigs. I also really enjoyed the following 2 sites, and made a decision based on the feedback from the KLKS site...

There's a few other good ones that I don't have on hand but those 3 sites will really get you going.
There is a very good site for information on all type of electronic cigarettes both cartomizers and vaporizers, it gives a good run down with video reviews on each one
Get a kangerTech EvoD to start out it will do you good then once you become familiar with how it works you can move on to itaste or Box Mods or a mech mod.
(04-15-2014, 09:14 PM)ttchoubs Wrote: This is a thread to help inform beginners about what I believe to be the best way to start vaping.  
This should cost arould $50 to get started.  
You will need 3 things:  
- The battery  
- The tank + vaporizer(clearo/atty/carto)  
- The juice  
For the battery I recommend you use the Itaste MVP 2.0. Every vaper I've talked to loves it. It has a reputation for being a great battery for everyone. I personally have one and think it is fantastic. It holds a charge for a very long time, and will last you near forever.  
For the tank and vaporizer, I recommend buying the Kanger Mini Protank. It also has a great reputation and is loved by most every vaper.  
(If you're looking to buy, I highly suggest buying this duo from ... it-gib.htm  It is the MVP 2.0 and the Mini protank all sold as one. I have personally dealt with this vendor and they are great.)  
And lastly, the juice. For getting started, I'd recommend going to , as they have a great selection of juices and they are a very good price. They are very well established in the vaping community for their great customer service. Pick out a couple of flavors that appeal to you (Note: I'd advise against getting tobacco flavors; most vapers who try them don't particularly care for them). For the Pg/Vg ratio, the best to start out with is 50/50.  
Good luck and happy vaping!

My first vape kit is an ego ce4 kit, I like e-liquid with more vg in, that produces more vapor! 420mAh battery supports 2 hours using! Ego e-cigarettes were widely acknowledged by people who use vape! You can have a try!

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