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The Kick 2
Hey guys, so I bought a kick 2 a while back and I am having a problem with it working properly. It seems like It only works half the time in my astro mod. I have to keep twisting and turning my battery to get it to work so I ended up just taking it out completely. At one point it wasnt making any power but it was making a very weird buzzing noise. It scared the hell out of me. I put my lips on my drip tip and it started vibrating? Whats up with that lol. if any of you know whats going on please let me know..
the kick 2 is one thing I have yet to try out with my mech mods but I was reading that you need to use unprotected IMR batteries. That vibration you mentioned, was that felt in your lips and if so did you experience any change in your vision?

I had some iClear 30 B tanks with replaceable coils last year that were bad and the electical current was traveling up to the drip tip into my lips and my vision went dark when I hit the fire button.

Id look at either a malfunctioning Kick or possible look into the battery you are using, which battery are you using by the way?

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