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Tasty Puff
Hello fellow vapers!! So ive been vaping just coming up to 1 year (1st of jan, common date i guess) after smoking many years, i love vaping i love the freedom that has been lost with traditional smoking and i love the variety... i was just wondering if any of you have come accross Tasty Puff e-Juices and what your thoughts are on them?? I am in the UK and cant seem to find them but a friend of mine who goes to the USA on work a lot comes back with a few different bottles each time and they smell and what ive tasted are absolutely amazing!! i was wondering what you lot thought and where if anywhere in the UK i can buy some??
I love custards and you can order from the internet right? I would suggest using to find shops and contact them to find out if they can ship it to you. You may have to pay alittle more in shipping but it would be worth it.

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