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Tank Cleaning
OKAY. My husband said that his co-worker uses grain alcohol to clean his pro tank. Yay or nay? How do you guys clean your tanks? I'm confused about switching flavors. Do I pour out whatever is left in the tank, clean the tank and then fill it with a new flavor? The guy who sold them to us wasn't really much help and I don't want to clean the tank wrong and mess it up. Any help would be awesome!
Well... Don't buy from him againWink

Usually warm water can do the trick, but a bit of alchohol will completely remove the remains of juices.
Might be a good idea if you vape dark and thick liquids.

I usually vape the same flavour, so I only feel that I need to clean it once ever 2 weeks or so.
Although, when I change the coil, I wipe off the place that you screw it into, with a paper tissue.

If you're changing flavours you might want to wash with or without alchol and make sure that it's dry when you assemble it again.
Agreed! I actually have never used alcohol myself to clean tanks, I always use warm water and it works just fine!
I use warm water as well! Then I usually dryburn the coil for a couple 3-second intervals in order to clean the coil thoroughly. :mrgreen:
Awesome! Thanks! Yeah, neither of us were entirely sure what would happen if we used water, lol. I think I'm going to go through the current flavor I'm using and then try to clean out the tank.

The store we go to seems to be going slightly downhill, lol. They've sold us two faulty coils already and weren't very willing to replace them. They also keep giving us the wrong nicotine level, which is insanely annoying. So, I guess I need to start looking for a different store :/
Whoa that sucks dude. yea thats terrible quality if they are screwing up nicotine levels WTF!!!!. Get your juice online. I have a site . . there are many others too. Before I started manufacturing my own juice I used to order from and Browse as you wish. Good luck with finding a new supplier of liquid man!
hazards is right you should start off with a, established site like then move on to the awesome boutique sites like his. start safe and smart then jump in and test out the waters with the guys that went from buying retail to making some real nice stuff like hazard.

I myself am going to start making boutique juices but I don't plan to sell them, I will leave that up to the vendors that I hope to get here on the forums lol.
I highly recommend if you're buying online. They have really cheap stuff and great service. They offer replacements for faulty equipment as well. Glad you asked this question because I was literally about to start a thread on the same thing since I've always used menthol and never really had to change it.

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