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Starss Romeo Pod Kit Review | Where's My Juliet?
Starss Romeo Pod Kit Review | Where's My Juliet?

First of all, I just think this title is much more appropriate even though it's nothing to do with the vape device. I have to admit the vape manufacturers are really good at naming, specifically some kind of weird names! This device, Starss Romeo Pod Kit, is born with something different.

[Image: starss-romeo-pod-kit-6.jpg]

Dimensions: 46*20*105mm
Material of Cartridge: PCTG
Material of Cover: Zinc Alloy
Weight: 114g
Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Cartridge capacity: 2.0ml
Charging Port: Micro USB
Working Voltage: 3.0~3.5V
Maximum output current: 7A
Output voltage range: 3.0~3.5V
Input voltage range: 4.5~5.5V
Charging current: Standard 1A
Wattage range: 8~25W
Resistance: 0.6Ω
Charging Time: 1.5~2.0H

Package Included:
STARSS Romeo Device * 1
Refillable Romeo Cartridge(1×0.6Ω Mesh Coil Pre-installed)* 1
Romeo 1.4Ω Regular Cotton Coil* 1
Micro USB Cable* 1
Lanyard* 1
User Manual* 1
Warning Card* 1

Initial Thoughts

[Image: starss-romeo-pod-kit-8.jpg]

I'm not joking. This device, Starss Romeo Pod Kit, comes with a weird shape design and a weird name. That's how I feel when I first saw it at a glance. There're plenty of various pod system kits on the market, I've already adjusted myself to get used to those 'innovative' differences. Well, this kind of shape precisely gives me something different.

The Battery Mod

[Image: starss-romeo-pod-kit-2.jpg]

The battery mod is made of zinc alloy material so the surface is pretty smooth and glossy. But that also causes some problems. The fingerprint magnet and quite easy to get scratched. And I don't think I'm the only one worry about these issues. So, be careful to treat this kind of device is the only way to keep it beautiful as long as possible.

On the other hand, there're two resin decorative panels on both sides which is the highlight of this device. I don't know how to comment on that cause I'm not a fan of resin. But seriously, it quite offers a comfortable gripping feel.

[Image: starss-romeo-pod-kit-1.jpg]

The whole functionalities are quite simple as well. You get a fire button on the left side of the battery mod. 5 clicks to power on/off the device and 3 clicks to change the output voltage. There's a colorful indicator under the fire button. Correspondingly, green light stands for 3.0v, blue is 3.3v, and white is 3.5v. Of course, it'll also flash when you charge the device.

[Image: starss-romeo-pod-kit-3.jpg]

On the top, you will see the two contacts and a big piece of magnet. Due to the special design of connection, there's no notch or grooves to avoid the pod moving or slipping. So increasing the strength of magnet is the only way to avoid the accidental drops. And frankly, the strength of the magnet is pretty awesome.

The capacity of the battery is 1200mAh and you can charge it via the USB port on the bottom.The charging standard is 5V/1A which I don't know if it's the fast charging. Anyway, it's not bad!

The Pod Cartridge(Or Tank)

[Image: starss-romeo-pod-kit-5.jpg]

To be honest, I'm used to calling it a pod cartridge instead of a tank because it's on a pod system kit. Some users out there may like to call it the tank due to you can replace the coil head inside. It does make sense.

The airflow control system is located on the position of the drip tip. Slightly twist it to adjust the airflow abundance. Actually, the control ring is easy to twist without much effort. And you can also squeeze your juice into the pod by slightly unscrewing the screw stopper as well.

[Image: starss-romeo-pod-kit-4.jpg]

Coil replaceable seems like to be a common configuration of pod kits today! To some extent, it really saves your money by simply replacing the coils instead of the whole pod.

You will get two coils from the package, 0.6ohm mesh coil and 1.4ohm, to replace according to your preference.

The Verdict

[Image: starss-romeo-pod-kit-7.jpg]

So it's the time to tell you guys my thoughts on it.

Actually, I don't have much to complain about. There's only one point I want to talk about is the MTL experience. 1.4ohm coil head and 25mg Nic salt juice are what I've used. Frankly, it's a little bit restrictive even the airflow is fully open. Maybe I'm not a fan of MTL.

The shape is what I want to talk about further because it really surprised me. Its curved surface and round corners both make you feel comfy. No matter which hand you are used to gripping it, it still does the same to you.

Furthermore, the 1200mAh battery is awesome as well. Coil replaceable, the airflow control method, and filling port design are all convenient to use. In a word, I love it, the Starss Romeo Pod Kit!

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Thanks for Reading!

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