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South African Vape fanatic
Hi everyone, I'm looking forward to educating myself more about vapor cigarettes.
My name is Banzi, I reside in the sunny city of Durban in South Africa. My interest in
vapes is greatly inspired by my love for cannabis. The system is finally opening its doors
to the idea of Marijuana co-existing with all the other legal drugs out there. We are now in
the era where people have access to information and are able to make an informed decision
on what is good and what is bad for one's physical, mental, spiritual health and/or well being.
Looking forward to connecting with all of you.
Very cool! Welcome Smile I really think that you will like this forum. There are so many topics and so many people to answer any questions you have about vaping. Hope to see you around Smile

-LittleMissMia Big Grin

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