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Solar Li-ion BatteSolar Li-ion Battery Charger pricery Charger price
Our History
2009 KDLIPO is set up
Become a popular brand in UAV industrialour
Our sales annual was reach 100 million yuan on 2012
Establishment of Dongguan Juxing Power Co.,ltd
Create a first mini jump starter in the world
Then set of the world's biggest jump starter
Production base of 20,000 square meters
Become Guangzhou Military supplier in 2015
Establishment Hunan Boltpower Energy Co, ltd
Sales annual reached 300 million yuan
Open a new Boltpower R&D and Marketing Center in Shenzhen
Comprehensive layout of The new energy storage industry,one place design,two places manufacturing,global delivery marketing strategy.
The company was rename as Guangdong Boltpower Energy Co.,ltd,
Hunan Boltpower industrial park begin
Establishment of Shenzhen Boltpower Technology Co, Ltd
Actively respond to the national call for civil-military integration
Make Rich aluminium lithium-ion battery
Become industry benchmark
Achieve production value
Rich Aluminum lithium-ion production base finish in Loudi of Hunan
-50鈩僡luminum lithium-ion battery will be military will be militarily first choice
Building Dongguan Boltpowe Storage Energy Industrial Park
Achieve production value of 6 billion yuan
Achieve the listing of enterprises on the main board.
Our Factory
Boltpower specialized in developing and manufacturing Emergency(special) power supply and intelligent energy storage power supply. It is the pioneer of high power and high safety in the industry and the largest manufacturers in the world. The company owns over 200 patents including 23 invention patents and 46 utility patents.
We carried out"design in one place, manufacturing in two, global delivery", which is a large research and development, manufacturing and sales strategy. The R&D and marketing center is located in Shenzhen where can look for the elites from global new energy industry. Dongguan and Loudi are the global manufacturing base of lithium jump starter and energy storage equipment. The sales network spread to Europe, US, Australia,
East Asia and other countries, and the products will be sold all over the world.
Founded in 2013, it is located in Dongguan
The Capital of intelligent manufacturing.
The operating area is nearly 15,000 square meters, with more than 500 employees.
The pioneer of the high security car jump starter.
Pioneer in intelligent energy storage terminal.
The world's largest manufacturing base for car
jump starter with monthly output of 500,000 units.
It is a military enterprise that provides customized solutions and products for high-rate lithium battery power systems for global users in the military power supply, special power supply, emergency power supply, and energy storage power supply. Since its inception, the company has been serving the world's special power supply, power storage power, start power and consumer power users.
The company's existing lithium battery solutions and products can be widely used in aerospace, missile-borne shipborne equipment, military weapons, satellite navigation, public safety and other fields.
Honored with the "National high and new technology enterprise"award.
Launched the lithium jump starter.
Rich aluminum Lithium ions Battery GIGA FAGTORY
The factory area is nearly 200,000 square meters, with total investment of 403 million USD,
which is a key construction project in Loudi city Hunnan province.
Annual output is around 1,200,000,000 AH high power of lithium ion battery.
It is widely used in car jump starter,energy storage power supply, UAV power supply,
automotive Start Stop power supply, electric vehicles, power tools and other fields.
We will have 17 automation production line, the total output can reach 913 million USD per year,and will create nearly 3,000 jobs in local city.
Our Product
Car jump starter,
(Portable) Energy storage power supply,
Battery pack for two-wheeler, tricycle, low-speed electrical car锛?/strong>
UAV power supply,
Automotive Start Stop power supply,
Marine power battery锛?/p>
Battery for Electric vehicles, Power tools ect.
Kart battery
Integrated Energy Service Station,
Home Photovoltaic Power Generation and Energy Storage System,
Industrial and Commercial Photovoltaic Power Generation and Energy Storage System,
Distributed power Station.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Production process control equipment:
1. Semi-automatic liquid filling machine
2. Horizontal bar type top edge banding machine
3. Fully automatic assembly machine
4. Automatic automatic liquid filling machine
5. Three-in-one molding machine (cut, fold, hot)
6. Pumping and sealing machine
7. X-Ray tester
8. MES system
9. AGV transport trolley
10. Automatic film cutting machine
11. Automatic laminating machine
12. Power battery automatic film laminating machine
Testing equipment
1. Security or performance test
Squeeze test box
Heavy impact test box
Acupuncture test box
High and low temperature box
Shock table
Drop test box
Short circuit
Salt spray test box
Constant temperature and humidity test chamber
Thermal shock test machine
Charge and discharge test cabinet
2. Incoming material inspection
Laser particle size tester
Tap density tester
Specific surface area tester
PH meter
Breathability test
Moisture test
Tensile strength test
Rohs test
Conductivity tester
Production Market
We have exported to the United States, Britain, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Russia and other countries and regions, the United States' first brand Schumacher, Germany Eddie, Australia's well-known brands SJS, Amazon and other international top companies have become the boltpower's long-term Strategic partner.
Our Service
Principle of Service锛歐ith the professional, sincere and responsible attitude to create more values for customers.
Pre-sales: Perseverance, discover new and possible needs of customers.
Sale: Careful service and careful communication to achieve mutual progress and interdependence with customers.
After-sales: Responsibility, solve all worries of customers.Solar Li-ion Battery Charger price

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