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Smoking vs Vaping? boyfriend problem
Hi guys,
I've been vaping for about seven months now. But recently I met a guy, we decided to be together... but he smokes cigarettes. Confused

For someone that had been smoking before I switched to vaping, it is understandable. But he doesn't want to hear anything about switching, and he even tries to mock me for vaping. I know that for someone this would be the deal breaker, but I don't want to make a big fuss because of that.

I don't know what to do right now, we don't smoke at home, but after going out sometimes, I just wish I wouldn't smell cigarettes from him.

Do you guys have some ideas? I found one article here, but 'the verdict' is not unambiguous.

Every help will be appreciated. Heart
firstly, he dont love you, because he dont want to switch to vaping even if only take a try...
second, you love him more than your health? if yes, you can hold on this situtation and go on to smell the cigarette, otherwise, leave.
sorry by my point-blank answer, but wish you can hear the sound from your deep soul
good luck madam :-)
My husband and I switched to vaping together about 4 years ago and it was his idea. I was a little bit against ob such a novelty but now I enjoy my e-cigarette from Migvapor

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