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Smok Minos 25 RTA M2 Tank VS Smok TF-RTA Tank
Tired of spending money on premium e-liquid only to discover your vape set-up can’t quite deliver the flavours you’ve been promised?
Turn to the Smok Minos tank. This 4ml sub tank is designed specifically to extract every last whiff of flavour from your premium high VG juices.

The Smok Minos tank takes us one step closer to bridging those compromises by delivering superb flavour with excellent cloud production. The 25mm Minos comes with both pre-made coil and RDA deck options in the form of the M2 deck and the Q2 coil heads.

Well, now let’s look what difference between Smok Minos 25 RTA M2 Tank & Smok TF-RTA Tank:

1.Their contents:

[Image: Ew3rCI.jpg]

2.The Mions tank delivers a huge 20% increase in area.

[Image: 5r5WdK.jpg]

3.From specifications:

[Image: oj3X0I.jpg]

4. Smok Minos: Top refill system, filling in one go,Smok TF-RTA: Patented Swivel Top Cap Design.

[Image: rYPigc.jpg]

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